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Roofix (1st Gen) is an in-place formwork for concrete. It has a multitude of applications in the field of construction.
Wall Connector
Wall Connectors
Provide a reliable and strong bond between main walls and the partitioning walls.
Angle Bead
Angle Bead
Angle Bead is a strong galvanized metal trim for the protection of the outer arris of plaster corners against knocks.
With galvanized Post Bases, the need for digging the ground, securing the base, pouring of concrete and waiting for it to reach the desired strength is totally eliminated.

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  • Controlled permeability formwork

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 Roofix (1st Generation) Fields of Application

1.    Composite concrete floors in metal-structure buildings

a.    Construction of composite concrete floors in metal-structure buildings in 3 simple steps
b.    Composite concrete floors in LSF (or LGS) buildings
2.    Composite concrete floors in concrete-structure buildings
a.    Conventional method
b.    Roofix-Delta system

3.    Two-way concrete slabs
4.    Roof cover
5.    Arched concrete floors
6.    Suspended ceilings

a.    Decorative suspended ceilings
b.    Load bearing suspended ceilings

7.    Staircases
8.    Construction joints
9.    Foundations (bulky concreting)
10.    Storage tanks
11.    Pools and septic tanks
12.    Tunnels

a.    Tunnel lining
b.    Tunnel construction, cut & cover method

13.    Canals

a.    In-place construction of canal concrete covers (arched and flat)
b.    Optimization of canal geometry

14.    Domes
15.    Walls

a.    Partitions walls
b.    Decorative walls
c.    External walls
d.    Retaining walls
i.    Single-sided retaining walls
1.    Soil stabilization of the excavation walls using Duckbill Anchor and Roofix Formwork
2.    Construction of single-sided retaining wall using Roofix Formwork
ii.    Double-sided retaining walls

e.    Shear walls
f.    Anti-theft thin garden walls

16.    Anchorage boxes
17.    Bridge construction
18.    Bracing
19.    Façade
20.    Mechanical strength of concrete slabs with Roofix (1st Gen) as reinforcement.



New Innovations with Roofix

Method of Simultanous Operations
Roofix (1st generation) is an in-place formwork for concrete. It has a multitude of applications in the field of construction.

Ready to install Roofix-Delta system
Mass production of ready to install earthquake resistant buildings

Construction of monolithic concrete canal covers using Roofix formwork

Cost-effective and speedy construction of urban utility tunnels with Roofix formwork

Anti-theft garden walls with Roofix

Wall bond for emergency management of burst storage tanks

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